Mass Effect 3 Finishes Taking Back Earth

Over the past week, Bioware has been slowing (sensually?) teasing Mass Effect fans with bits and pieces of their “Take Earth Back” trailer. It started on the 14th with the teaser, then the preview, followed by the trailer, and now capped-off with the cinematic trailer. It’s been an odd way to do it, sure, but I think it successfully got people increasingly and exponentially more excited for the game with each step.

This final trailer (and most official/cinematic, I guess) was not the one that premiered during this week’s episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead as that would be the “preview” one instead, but it shows some interesting stuff. For instance, we know that in the ensuing Reaper attack, the casualties include at least one adorable little child, one frightened ladybug, and a pretty sweet model ship. It also calls back to the 2010 VGA announcement trailer and shows off the Reapers’ zombie-like shock troops.

We also get some insight into Commander Shepard’s new fighting process: 1) equip Omni-Blade, and 2) apply liberally. See you all on March 6th.

Source: BioWare Mass Effect

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