Nintendo Prepped For Announcement

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Wednesday February 22 at 6AM PST/ 9AM EST Nintendo is set to make some sort of announcement. Tuesday evening, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Amie sent out a note via Nintendo’s asynchronous messaging system SwapNote. In it he expressed his expressed his excitement about “sharing some news on Feb 22”. The note went on to say when and where we can see the news. Directing readers to to watch the event.


Good ol' Reggie

I like that Nintendo notified their 3DS users this way; they are finally using the service they rolled out last October. Unless I missed it, this was the only way this event was advertised directly to users, which leads me to believe it is 3DS related news, that and the last time there was anything on Nintendo Direct it was primarily 3DS focused. On the other hand, the language was rather adjective-free. It isn’t “exciting” news, nor is it even “fun” nor “big”, just news. It is important to note, Wednesday the 22nd is the official release day of the handheld console by another Japanese based company, interesting timing, no? By the time I wake up out here on the left coast I expect the internets to be buzzing with big or little the “news” actually was.


Source: Nintendo

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