Game Casting: Lord Of The Rings

It’s fun to guess which movie stars could play our favorite video game characters. Who could play Mass Effect’s Commander Shepard? How come no one will cast Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake? Why do they make movies based on fighting games at all?! Whenever a video game movie is made we all like to throw in our two cents about the casting. But who could be cast in the video games based on our favorite movies? What do you mean that doesn’t make sense? Today I’m going to tackle a literary classic and a Hollywood blockbuster. The Lord of the Rings.


Link (Wind Waker): A young hero goes on an epic quest that will test his mettle at every turn. Link definitely has the life experience to play the role.




Clank: While Clank doesn’t exactly look like Samwise, he has the sidekick thing down.  He’s always at Ratchet’s side ready to help just like Sam never gave up on Frodo.



Link (Skyward Sword): Long blond hair and great with a bow.



Gunzerker: Both have a small stature but don’t let that stop them once the action starts.



Geralt: Geralt needs to get some Just-For-Men and he’s set.




Vivi: Both are wizards and have hats and … ok I just love Vivi and wanted to fit him in!


Evil Army of Sauron

Locust Horde: Ugly dudes with seemingly endless numbers.




The Watcher : In Darksiders, The Watcher was your ally but you it wouldn’t last. Both Gollum and The Watcher proved they couldn’t be trusted.

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