The Old Guard: Tim Schafer And Ron Gilbert Talk Adventure Games

If you haven’t yet heard about the Double Fine Kickstarter campaign to finance a classic point-and-click adventure game, then I’m not sure if you’ve been out in the desert with ostriches to look for new holes in the ground or suitably hospitable and sizable rocks or what, but you’ve missed a lot in the gaming world. What’s good to know, though, is that two things haven’t changed: 1) I still enjoy writing ledes, and 2) Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert love adventure games.

Part of the aforementioned Kickstarter is that along with breaking all sorts of records on the crowdfunding site, Schafer and crew will be updating everyone along the way. While you may know Schafer from his more recent endeavors of Double Fine Happy Action Theater and Tren—err, Iron Brigade, he actually got his start with Lucasfilm Games in 1989 with The Secret of Monkey Island, the inimitable classic adventure game designed by none other than Ron Gilbert.

Of course, now Gilbert works for Schafer instead of the other way around, but it doesn’t matter when these two guys have and know this much history, which shows in this 35-minute chat between the two legendary game designers. I suggest you watch the whole thing, and then maybe watch it again just for good measure.

Source: Double Fine Productions

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