Mass Effect’s 3 Total DLC Total Cost $870?

Currently there is a piece of news doing the rounds about Mass Effect 3 DLC and Bioware’s apparent corporate whoring.

With Mass Effect 3 on the horizon there is a plethora of merchandise available which (personally) is welcome as the last two titles had very little or at least very little official products. To sweeten the deal each major piece or merchandise offers a code that will unlock extras in the game.  This has lead to many a complaint as people rush to calculate how much they have to pay to unlock a full game.

Here is the list of merchandise and associated bonuses:

Collector’s Edition (needed to obtain all content):

  • $80 – N7 Collector’s Edition

Pre-order bonuses:

  • AT-12 Raider – Origin pre-order bonus
  • Chakram Launcher – Play the Kingdoms of Alamur demo
  • M-55 Argus – Pre-order bonus for select retailers
  • N7 Weapons pack – N7 Edition bonus
  • N7 Hoodie – N7 Edition bonus
  • N7 Warfare Gear – Pre-order bonus for select retailers
  • Reckoner Knight Armor – Play the Kingdoms of Alamur demo
  • Robotic Dog – N7 Edition bonus
  • Squad Outfit pack – N7 Edition bonus

Auxiliary purchases:

  • Unannounced price for the iOS game Mass Effect Infiltrator, which can affect the main game.
  • $10 day one “From Dust” DLC
  • $44.99 for the Liara figurine – multiplayer unlock DLC
  • $24.99 for The Art of Mass Effect Universe – Collector Assault Rifle unlock DLC/Powerup
  • $80 for four Mass Effect 3 toys – “Slightly randomized” multiplayer unlock DLC
  • $59.99 for the Mass Effect 3 controller – Collector Assault Rifle unlock DLC/Powerup
  • $209.99 for the Chimera 5.1 Headset – Collector Assault Rifle unlock DLC/Powerup
  • $34.99 for the Mousepad – Collector Assault Rifle unlock DLC/Powerup
  • $79.99 for the Messenger Bag – Collector Assault Rifle unlock DLC/Powerup
  • $24.99 for the iPhone case – Collector Assault Rifle unlock DLC/Powerup
  • $79.99 for the Mouse – Collector Assault Rifle unlock DLC/Powerup
  • $139.99 for the Keyboard – Collector Assault Rifle unlock DLC/Powerup

It is quite a pricy list, however, if you look at it closely several items unlock the exact same item/items – the collector Assault Rifle. It is also worth noting (based on the demo) most powerups in multiplayer are one use only so people with enough money to purchase all those extras will not gain a competitive edge for long.

It’s a dangerous balancing act, while hiding main features behind an extra fee is questionable, rewarding fans with little extras is a noble gesture and I would encourage more companies to link merchandise in this way.

No doubt there will be discussion about “disgusting” business tactics but as with anything if you don’t like it don’t buy it.  It’s simple as that, vote with your wallets (channelling Captain Planet) The power is yours.

Source: DigitalSpy

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  • Guest

    Its not so much $870 for all the DLC as it is $870 for every piece of merchandise being released in relation to the game. The collectors edition includes “From Ashes” (“from dust” was what it was originally thought to be) as well as the art book so that gets you pretty much all the non-multiplayer content for $80.
    I also dont know about “hiding main features behind an extra fee”, I assume your talking about From Ashes which from what I heard just takes a character already in the game and lets you recruit him to your squad, any huge meaning coming from his race is covered in the cannon part of the game.

    • Stigweird85

      The hiding main features bit was slightly aimed at the from ashes DLC – (I have ordered the Collectors Edition so doesn’t effect me) but also meant in general as a statement against all those pay to play style of games that seem to be gaining popularity (Farmville etc) where you can wait days to get something or pay to unlock it now.
      As for competitive advantage, I though about mentioning that it was Co-op only that but I was unsure if the final game would have extra MP modes in it as I have been on a media black out for Mass Effect 3(which is pretty hard when you write about games) Also although it is only co-op there is still a points based leader board in game so while you are not directly attacking other players there is still some competitive game play.

  • Guest

    Also, it’s co-op only multiplayer. There’s no such thing as a “competitive edge” unless you imply that the AI bots are going to be angry because you got DLC they didn’t.

  • Kind of misleading (I think I’m understanding that this may not be what you are intending but what other people are portraying). You do mention at the end what someone can easily figure out by looking at the list – The total price to fully unlock the game is no where near $870. $655 worth of product offer the same thing. The cheapest one is $25. SO, subtract $630 from your total. Then, subtract another $10 because if you’re getting the collector’s edition, you’re getting From Ashes. There’s no need to separate them because we’re not talking about what items you can buy separately to unlock things. We’re talking about the total price you need to spend to unlock everything. So, right now we’re at $230. Then you get the price of the “toys,” which I am guessing you are referring to the action figures, wrong. They’re $75 for four, not $80. Also, I have no idea what codes they unlock or how many different codes they unlock but, there are actually two sets of four figures – 8 total. If they all come with different codes, you’ll jump up to $150 for those, bringing it to around $300, less than half of what the headline claims.

    Basically, what I’m saying is that the statement is sensationalist, first, and a bit wrong, second.

    Also, – and this is not toward Stewart because he doesn’t seem offended by the practice but seems to like it, as do I – anyone that complains about this is an idiot. Period. I could understand if there was something vital to the game or it changed the outcome in some way but, this is all fluff. This includes the Infiltrator game. It doesn’t change the ending. It makes the best scenario ending easier to achieve. Otherwise, along with things like From Ashes, it’s just more fun time that you can have with the universe that is non-essential. Yeah, there’s some pretty cool stuff tied to products, but you don’t need any of it and if the game is great or sucks without it, the game will still be great or suck with it. Don’t think of this as incentive for you to buy a new $210 headset in order to get DLC. Only someone with brain damage would do that. Think of this as a company that actually appreciates its customers and wants to give you something back as thanks for supporting them beyond the actual game. I’m just tired of hearing the whining. There is DLC done good and DLC done bad. This is good. Thanks for your time.

    • Stigweird85

      I’ll admit it was a little attention grabbing, I toyed with a couple different headlines, but the most common one online used the figure so I thought I’d use it too in an effort to equal out all the negative publicity. The list of merchandise was just a copy paste job from the original source linked on the bottom, the list is also incomplete as it doesn’t include the console shell.

      Thanks for the feedback

      •  Admittedly, it did get me to look. Also admittedly, I click on almost anything that says Mass Effect. A good way to get me to accidentally open a porn page at work would be to send me a link saying that it has something to do with Mass Effect.

        I thought about the shell, too, but thought the point was made enough without it. Though, that would take the supposed total up another… I think $90?

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  • Patrick Roufa

    I was a bit upset when i saw this headline.  at one time Gotham City Impostors was going to be a fun little filler game for me, a pick up and forget downloadable gem. Then i found out about day 1 dlc totaling $220. Now THAT i boycotted. the game came with 2 modes and 3 maps. for that one im discusted. this was a 15 dollar game that even after the $220 of content offers less than many full retail games.  Mass Effect 3 deserves credit for offering bonuses for the merchandise.  These are items i will lament not having and if i get any of the merchandise i may even forget to put in the code.  The Mass Effect apparel is actually pretty damn high quality, and looks damn cool.  Unlike some Call of Duty or Halo gear, this stuff simply has the N7 logo.  The other day i saw someone at the mall wearing an N7 jacket.  I felt the need to comment on it. he responded with “Dude, a have allot of friends who think its cool but youre the first person who actually knows what its from.” that to me is comendable. They make a good product that isnt just self promotion, and now they come with small in game rewards. no controversy here, wish more companies would follow this plan.

      As for the “From Dust” dlc, ok, yeah i hate day 1 dlc, especially when its not attached to a new copy essentive, but i’ll buy it. the game is pretty damned long and when you factor in certain money grabs, lets use Kane and Lynch Dog Days here, that only last around 4 hours for a full 60 price tag, i wont complain when a 40 plus hour game wants more money for their effort.  Skyrim should have sold horse armour because so far i have spent less than 50 cents per hour of enjoyment on it, and that’s including the strategy guide.  Dont boycott game companies who are giving us this much content when there are so many short or incomplete titles out there

  • Roribeedm

    All the multiplayer items on that list are available to be obtained in game via purchasing Veteran Packs in Mulitplayer (Unless Bioware intends to remove the availability of them at launch). I’ve seen people running around with the collector rifle in the demo, it’s just an extremely rare unlock.

    Also, the Collector Assault Rifle unlocks can all be applied and all they do is the first one unlocks rank 1, second one unlocks rank 2, etc. Each weapon has multiple ranks like in Mass Effect 1, I through X.

    Thirdly, the mass effect toys and Liara figurine will most likely give you a “Bonus Pack” like the one you get when you first start multiplayer.

    This whole post is fear mongering and there’s no point to rushing out to buy all that stuff unless you simply can’t be bothered to play the multiplayer long enough to earn those items for free or you have a lot of money to spend and not much time to play the game.

  • Joeski

    Personallyi think the worst part of this article ( and not purely this article mind but it draws attention to it) is that the Mass Effect Infiltrator game is iOS…… I know it’s meant to be coming to android at a later date… but that’s not the point! 

    Same deal with the other app you’ve missed off the list the ‘Datapad’ app again.. iOS and no mention of that coming to Android… so annoying!….. but I will still be buying most of the stuff listed above… if only because I want it rather than the DLC. 

    • Roribeedm

      The Datapad app is only to check on your game’s current status. From what I’ve read about it there’s no actual benefit other than being able to pull out your phone and show off your Galaxy at War screens. It’s not exactly a big deal for the most part unless you hang out with a bunch of other people playing ME3.