“Bravoman” Returns To Save The Webcomic Day

Chances are, you’ve never heard of Bravoman. A platformer parody of the tokusatsu genre (the style of show that Ultraman, Power Rangers, Godzilla, and more encapsulate), the game was released in arcades in Japan, but only came to America via the TurboGrafx-16. When the title hit the Wii Virtual Console five years ago, that was expected to be that last we heard from the hero. With UDON reviving Namco-Bandai franchises in webcomic format, Bravoman looks to rise once again.

As part of their Shifty Look initiative, Bravoman joins Sky Kid in the their attempt to bring back some franchises from the dead. The Super-Unequaled Hero of Excellence is described by UDON as

BRAVOMAN is a wacky gag comic strip featuring the heroic exploits of Bravoman, a tokusatsu-style limb-stretching superhero who battles everything from twenty-foot-tall robots to heavy-metal-loving ninjas. At his side are his alien mentor Alpha Man and a snack-bringing sidekick named Lottery Man, who all join forces to battle the villainous Dr. Bomb and his Robot Corps! 

Bravoman will soon be coming to you twice a week by writer Matt Moylan and artist Dax “D-Gee” Gordine.

Are you ready for UDON to transform Bravoman into a hero for the 21st century?

Source: UDON Entertainment

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