Game Cancels Mass Effect 3 – Share Price Plummets

Game Group PLC will not be able to fulfil orders for Mass Effect 3 or Mario Party 9. The shares have dropped some 20% to just above 5p.

The collectors editions have been released to several other retailers and if you are quick may be able to secure a copy.

A leaked memo to IGN sheds more light onto the situation(click to zoom):

According to the memo Game will not stock ANY of EA’s March releases, as they could not get a favourable credit agreement to do so. 

Personally I think this is the final blow for Game as Mass Effect 3 may have been a “short term sales opportunity” as they put it but Game had an exclusivity deal to the N7 collectors edition. This was guaranteed money and they have thrown it away.  Do not be surprised if you see an headline “Game Group PLC Goes Into Administration” in the immediate future

Quick Links to purchase: Amazon, Shopto, Zavvi, Play

Source: Game, IGN


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  • Rodgerma

    Sounds like someone didn’t pay the bill.
    Now they can’t refill.
    Belly up next?