New Super Nintendo Game Being Developed

Time to dust me off?

Yes, you read that correctly. No, this is not an archived rogue article rearing it’s head after 15 years.  There is an actual game in development set to be released next year. Developer Super Fighting Team is developing Nightmare Busters set to ship 15 years after the last SNES title. Taking pre-orders for the first 600 copies, Super Fighting Team will deliver a cartridge (with support for both PAL and NTSC), a manual and box for $68 for customers within the USA and $75 for those outside.

The definitive game in the genre?

This may be the only time a game will be more expensive than the console, considering I can find used SNES’s on Amazon and eBay and craigslist in the 40-60 dollar range. The post on their website is both interesting and entertaining. It is clear the team is very serious about their game and committed to their fans. Head over, check it out, and if you interested, Preorder it!


Source: Nightmare Busters

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