Pinball FX2 Now Available On PC Through Windows 8 Preview

Zen Studios announced their intentions to port their extremely popular pinball game, Pinball FX2, to other platforms quite a while ago. Earlier this year they debuted the game on iOS and Android and now they are ready to release a PC version as well.

If you download the newly released Windows 8 Consumer Preview you will be able to grab the Pinball FX2 for free from inside. The game comes with The Sorcerer’s Lair for free, the same table they offer up as a freebie on mobile platforms. “Zen Studios plans to bring its library of amazing pinball content to Pinball FX2 on the Windows 8 platform, and will continue to evolve the pinball platform with new features and the innovative social connectivity.”

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview is available for download here. It’s quite a few hoops to jump through to play this release of Pinball FX2, but its well worth it.

Pinball FX2 was the top downloaded XBLA game in 2011 and Zen Studios plans to continue that popularity with new table releases and wider platform availability. It’s not yet known if Pinball FX2 will hit Steam but Zen says they are still working out the details. The most recent table released for Pinball FX2 and Zen Pinball, titled “Epic Quest”, combines RPG mechanics with pinball to create a consistent avatar you level up and fight monsters with. Platform Nation will have a review of Epic Quest soon.

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