“Retro Game Master” Headed To Retro DVD Format

Do you know the legendary man Arino Shinya? For years in Japan, Arino has been playing retro games as host of Game Center CX. When his adventures became notable enough, he garnered a video game thematically based on his adventures, released for the Nintendo DS in America as Retro Game Challenge. In the past year, Kotaku had officially-sanctioned subtitles of the series, dubbed Retro Game Master, streaming on their site (while unofficial groups have been subbing the full series, Kotaku’s episodes are official yet incomplete). With Kotaku’s streams over, the series looked like it was headed back to obscurity.

Discotek Media, though, has announced plans to release all 12 episodes of the series. With dual-language support, the series looks to be worth supporting. The episodes aren’t as aired, as, presumably, many elements weren’t cleared for home release. There was a sequel to Retro Game Challenge released in Japan, but no plans have been made for an American release. Supporting this DVD couldn’t hurt, though.

Are you a fan of Arino?

Source: Crunchyroll

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