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For those of us who remember dodging flying eyeballs in the NES Kid Icarus–not to mention dying and dying and dying–there is something unrecognizable about Kid Icarus:  Uprising.  (And I don’t necessarily mean the graphics.)

When I played the original Kid Icarus, I found my primary satisfaction in the precise gameplay.  It demanded I shoot enemies at the exact right moment–one pixel too early and the arrow flew short, one pixel too late and Icarus got smacked.  Uprising’s gameplay looks fast paced, but more in a Beyond-Good-&-Evil-meets-God-of-War kind of way.

But perhaps it’s too early to make assumptions about Uprising based on a few gameplay videos.

Anyone living near the San Francisco (March 8), Orlando, Fla., (March 11), Los Angeles (March 15) and New York (March 22) GameStop locations can get the scoop before Uprising’s March 23rd release date.

To prepare fans for the March 23 launch of Kid Icarus: Uprising for the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo of America will host multiplayer tournaments at select GameStop stores across the United States starting March 8 and culminating in a national championship event in New York on Thursday, March 22. Three winners from each market will participate in the final round. The final national championship event at the GameStop store at Broadway and 84th Street in New York will also feature a special pre-sale opportunity, allowing consumers to purchase the game one day before it goes on sale throughout North America…

Winners from each of the four markets will be eligible to win prizes including an all-expenses-paid trip to New York to participate in the national championship and a variety of exclusive Kid Icarus-themed items. Even if they are not participating in tournament play, consumers will be able to visit GameStop tournament locations to play Kid Icarus: Uprising before its nationwide launch on March 23.

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