Piranha Games Releases New Trailer For MechWarrior Online

Earlier today Platform Nation’s very own Scott diMonda reported on the brand new screenshots that were released for MechWarrior Tactics. To the MechWarrior love, we have a brand new trailer for MechWarrior Online and after checking it out, I’m intrigued by what an MMO featuring MechWarrior’s game-play and militaristic world.

MechWarrior Online will be demoing epic gameplay battles at next week’s GDC, but in the meantime check out this super sweet behind-the-scenes look at an Atlas being prepared for its drop out of a Leopard class drop ship – temporary rockets strategically placed on the Atlas for its drop will help guide it to its land-based objective. We also get the first real look at the details inside the cockpit of a Mech and hear the all-familiar voice telling us, “all systems online!”

For more information about MechWarrior Online or to reserve your pilot name, be sure to hit up Thanks!
I’m glad to see another MMO out on the market that looks to stand out from the crowd and I look foward to seeing exactly what else MechWarrior Online has to offer Mech fans.

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