Succubus Seduces Dungeon Overlord Players With Sexy New Expansion

Now that we have your attention, let us tell you about the newest expansion for Dungeon Overlord, The Succubus Stories. This expansion is not only going to add massive amounts of replay value for the veteran player, but will deliver a deep story driven quest line that is designed to help new players learn the basics of gameplay. The Succubuc Stories will have the new player wake up in the world to find their dungeon has been raided and pillaged to nothing and takes on takes the role of an evil Overlord. As the evil Overlord you are guided by the Succubus and her Goblin friends in a quest to rebuild their lair, destroy the Nemesis and go on to conquer the Heart of the Mountain.

Now that we told you about the expansion here is a little more about Dungeon Overlord for the new players:

Dungeon Overlord is a multiplayer competitive strategy game where players assume the role of an evil overlord with intentions of conquering the world. Dungeon Overlord is a Hardcore Facebook game because it offers deep strategic complexity for nostalgic hardcore gamers and frustrated Facebook gamers alike. Unlike other Facebook Games, Dungeon Overlord is deeper, more strategically challenging, and plays more like a classic PC game.

Wait, do go yet and check out those awesome screenshots as we have some information for you. Night Owl Games is working on a new mobile app (Android and iOS devices) that will allow you to manage Dungeon Overlord on the go. The mobile app is not yet available, but will be available for preview at PAX East.

Planned Mobile Manager Features:

Event Manager: Notifies players of incoming attacks, messages and other events
Crafting Manager: Build creature beds and skill modifying furniture
Creature Manager: Level-up your minions
Research Manager: Unlock features and abilities
Resource Manager: Collect the resources
Shipping Manager: Send resources from one Dungeon to another.

New users can play Dungeon Overlord for free right now, but you must be a Facebook user. So why not go check it out and let us know what you think of the expansion, and if you are a new user let the Platform Nation Community know if you are enjoy this awesome FREE game.

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