Day One DLC: Outrageous Or Okay?

EA has been the target of some — shall we say — harsh words, as of late. After all, the decision to have day one DLC for Mass Effect 3 isn’t the greatest way to gain favor with your fans.

So now, on the eve of the Mass Effect 3 launch, I have to ask: where do you stand in all of this? Does the thought of day one DLC make your blood boil, or are you willing to pony up the dough for the “complete” ME3 experience, whatever the cost?

Although there is some small part of me that takes issue with these marketing practices, I can’t quite find it in myself to be outraged. Maybe it’s because I’ve never been a fan of DLC in any regard. Call me old fashioned, but I miss the days of paying x amount for a game and that’s it, that’s the game. I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve played DLC for a current generation title, and, chances are, those cases only occurred because the DLC was part of a pre-order bonus or some limited edition package.

Instead of getting bent out of shape over an “incomplete game”, I look at it like the director’s or extended cut of a film: the added material — in this case DLC — compliments the game, adding extra depth. It isn’t required to experience the game, it just makes the experience you have more complete. If I was a big enough fan of whatever game/franchise, I would spend the money to get the additional content. Instead, I’m usually quite satisfied with the in-box campaign (for lack of a better word).

That’s not to say those who are upset over day one DLC aren’t justified. If the DLC is out and playable on the day of release, why isn’t it simply on the disc? Maybe the developers were still working on the DLC at the time the discs were being printed, but they were on track to finish it before the game’s release. Or perhaps they’re just trying to squeeze a few extra bucks out of Mr. Joe Consumer. Who can say for sure?

All I know is this: until I spend $60 on a game and play it for 25 hours only to have a screen pop up and say “WANT TO SEE HOW IT ENDS? PLEASE PURCHASE DLC“, I’m not going to get up in arms over the subject. Every game I’ve played is, at its core, complete. Anything else…well, that’s just gravy.

Well, now that I’ve got my opinion out of the way, let me go back to my original question: where do you stand in all of this?

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