SkinIt Customizable Skin Review

Without a doubt, SkinIt is one of the top providers of electronic customization accessories in business today. SkinIt is well-known for providing the absolute best in licensed skins that are tailor-made to fit items like iPads, cell phones, handheld gaming consoles, and even computer hardware like desktop systems, routers, and printers. These licensed skins can include anime characters like Hello Kitty, sports teams, movie skins, highly stylized designs, and even etched metal covers for your precious hardware. Along with these pre-made items, SkinIt also provides a customized service that allows you to choose exactly what pictures are used for your skin and this was the service that we decided to review for Platform Nation.

The 1Up Mushroom Picture I used For The Xbox 360 Slim Skin

First off, I’d have to say that the hardest part of this whole process was figuring out what item I was going to skin and what exactly I was going to skin it with. My Xbox 360 Slim seemed like the perfect choice and its complicated shape seemed like the best way to put the SkinIt process to the test. It took me about a half hour to find a suitable design that I wanted to outfit my 360 with and after that, the process was an absolute breeze. I was able to easily upload my picture and even had the option to upload a different picture for each side of the Xbox. Once uploaded I was able to position the picture as I pleased to better fit the shape of my 360 by cropping or re-sizing the design.


The 1Up Mushroom Skin And My Xbox 360 Slim


After tweaking the layout of the picture and submitting my order, it took all of a week to receive my package from SkinIt. The personally customized SkinIt for my 360 came in an extremely sturdy cardboard tube that had an easy turn and pull lid that allowed me to quickly get my grubby little hands on the SkinIt and to begin the process of skinning my Xbox. Inside the package there was the 3 separate sides that would eventually stick onto my 360 and a set of simple instructions that basically informed me to clean, apply stickers, and enjoy. Each sticker was extremely glossy and my choice of a larger resolution picture allowed for a perfect, non pixelated reproduction.

These simple default instructions are my only gripe with the SkinIt package as I could have used a set of instructions that were specifically geared towards the unique shape and difficulties of putting the skin on my 360. Instead the default product on the instructions is an iPhone that has to be way easier task due to its smaller scale and simpler form. With some care, I was able to suss out how to place the stickers and with some care I was also able to re-position the skin as needed for a better looking fit on my 360.

And....Viola, The Final Product

This whole process was as easy as could be and provided me with a unique look to my Xbox that showcases my love of gaming and features my favorite color, green. Just in case you were worried about this fact, the skin does leave an opening for the different ports, the disc tray, and the fan grill and it was easy to apply to the 360. This is a product that I would suggest to anyone that is looking to support their local sports team, personalize their electronic product, or as a way to add a little protection to your electronic toys. SkinIt’s prices are reasonable and the infinite ways you can personalize any number of the wide variety of products we use on a daily basis is worth every penny.

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