Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Storming Ashore In June

Capcom may have taken a few hits from how they’ve handled Street Fighter X Tekken. With characters announced as exclusives for Sony platforms (despite some being found on the Xbox 360 disc), their new trend of On-Disc DLC is worrisome. Beyond that, the effective shafting of Microsoft players with the title has skewed a few people against Capcom. Ask any fans of Megaman their opinion on the company, and you’ll get the same disparaging responses.

Yet, Capcom’s throwing Xbox 360 gamers a bone. Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, a sequel to a classic Xbox game known more for its insane controller (you piloted a mech, and a $200 accessory made sure it was realistic) was announced last year, as an Xbox 360 exclusive. With Kinect controls along traditional controller capabilities, it looks to be a unique title. Capcom has confirmed that the title will hit North America on June 19th, and Europe on June 22nd. No price has been announced. Capcom, additionally, released a new story trailer.

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Source: Capcom Unity

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