Three Games Announced From Paradox Interactive

Paradox Interactive, publishers of Magicka, Mount & Blade and many more, can never be accused of being lazy. The publisher already has games on the way like Salem, War of the Roses, A Game of Dwarves and more. Now they’ve added three more to that list. RED Frontier, DungeonLand and The Showdown Effect.

RED Frontier is a multiplayer RTS game being developed by Zeal Game Studios. They want the RTS to be easy to pick up and play while retaining the tactical gameplay the genre’s fans are used to. Being able to pick a commander, their gear, and customize your units should let each player find their own strategy to earn some of that $91,440,595,199.

Dungeonland is being developed by Critical Studio. Three players can take on the roles of The Rouge, The Warrior, and The Mage. They will battle around Dungeonland killing monsters, getting loot and customizing their characters. That all sounds pretty standard so far. Dungeonland’s twist is that a fourth player can be Dungeonland’s Game Master. The Game Master acts kind of like the AI director in the Left 4 Dead series. They can use different traps and monsters to kill the heroes. Asymmetrical multiplayer isn’t used enough and I hope Dungeonland succeeds in making both sides, heroes and Game Master, fun to play.

The Showdown Effect is being developed by Arrowhead Studios. A multiplayer action game, The Showdown Effect looks like Super Smash Brothers if it was set in a crazy 80’s action movie. Up to 8 people will be able to kill each other using everything from shotguns to lightsabers and frying pans to grenades. There will be tons of heroes, weapons and moves to choose from. The box art is a perfect representation of the tone Arrowhead Studios wants to hit with the game.

Source: Paradox Interactive

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