SXSW 2012: Star Wars The Old Republic Presentation

What is up Platform Nation? Got another update for you from South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. This afternoon featured a presentation by Dallas Dickinson, the director of production for updates and content in Bioware’s first massive multiplayer online game, Star Wars The Old Republic. The presentation focused on the upcoming 1.2 Legacy patch set to go live on the game servers in early April. Following behind the Rise of the Rakghouls 1.1 patch, 1.2 will be bringing an impressive amount of new content and features to this swiftly growing MMO.

Aside from their presentation here at SXSW 2012, this week also hosted Bioware’s first Guild Summit, which featured guild leaders from 160 in game guilds as they gave their comments and opinions on the game thus far, and what they would like to see happen in the future. The summit had over 130 thousand online viewers who were watching the online stream, which should be available on the official SWTOR site in the coming days if you are interested in seeing it for yourself. The topics covered during the summit can be seen here.

There weren’t any exclusive announcements in today’s presentation, but it was exciting to hear Dickinson discuss the game’s future content that will be coming with patch 1.2. The patch will be adding a new PvE Flashpoint (Lost Island), a new PvP Warzone (Novare Coast), guild banks, armor customization options, more items and gear, new lightsaber colors, more mini pets, a PvP ranking system (for bragging rights), new options for personalizing and rearranging the UI, and new features for the Legacy system. I feel like I am still leaving something out… this is going to be a big patch.

The Legacy system, for those who don’t already know, is an exclusive feature in SWTOR that allows players to combine their efforts on different characters by placing them all in the same Legacy Family Tree. Once you unlock the Legacy System on your first character on a server, you will then be able to start earning experience on every character on that server that will go toward your Legacy. With the game’s launch, the Legacy system was little more than a surname system, which would allow you to have all your characters display the same last name. Now, with the patch 1.2, players will be able to start earning a number of different rewards from their Legacy experience. These first rewards will be new special abilities, and different species/class combinations.

If you play a Sith species Sith Warrior and achieve max level (50), you will then be able to create a Sith of any class, be it republic or empire. As such, you can expect to start seeing Chiss Jedi, Sith Smugglers, and all sorts of new combinations. Also, with your level 50 Sith Warrior being a master of Force Choke, his Legacy children and relations (your other characters) will also be able to use Force Choke. Each class will have one iconic Legacy Ability that will transfer over to other characters, upon reaching max level. As far as balance goes, these abilities are meant to be something rewarding and fun for players with multiple characters, and aren’t meant to give you any huge advantage in the game. Thus, these Legacy Abilities will be on a long cool down, and will be less effective than the original class ability. So don’t freak out just yet.

Lastly, the armor customization options that will be coming with 1.2 are sure to please a great deal of players. Especially those who think their character looks like a garbled mess of random colors. In the beta phases of the game, there was a ‘unify to chest piece’ option that let players make all of their armor match the colors of their chest piece item. Improving on this, players will now be able to unify color for not only chest piece items, but for every other armor slot as well. So if you really want your character to keep that bright green helmet to go with his set of all black armor, then more power to you. This should make a number of players very happy, including myself. After all, who doesn’t want their character to look cool?

For more details and news on Patch 1.2, you can watch the video below or visit the offical Star Wars site.

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