No Steam Console … For Now

The internet, being what it is, has been kicking around a few rumors as of late. One involves the possibility that Valve is creating a “Steam console”. These rumors came about after anonymous sources claimed that Valve has been working with outside hardware developers.

It seems, for the present, that this is in fact just a rumor. Doug Lombardi, director of marketing for Valve, explained that Valve was contacting hardware developers, but for the sole purpose of testing the new Steam Big Picture Mode UI system — an interface that will make PC to TV connections easier, allowing for Steam on the big screen. Okay, so maybe that makes the rumors half-true.

In any event, Lombardi didn’t completely rule out the possibility of a Steam console sometime down the road — that just isn’t something they’re working on currently. Or so they want us to think…

Source: GiantBomb

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  • Alexander Trauzzi

    I think they’re waiting for more pervasive multiplatform, then a “steam box” wouldn’t entail also having to license Windows (thereby compromising any competition against xbox).