Rumor: Xbox Live Arcade Games Getting Increased Achievement Scores?

According to an unnamed source from, a new policy could go into effect June 1 of this year that increases the roof of achievements possible on all XBLA games and their DLC. How much more? Well the Arcade titles would go from having a 200 Gamerscore cap to 400, with a total of 30 possible achievements and not 20. And the DLC for these games would be able to add an additional 100 GS per pack, with up to eight additional achievements per release, and one release allowed per quarter of the year.

So, if an XBLA game were to come out and had a DLC pack released during all four quarters of the year, that game could net up to 800 GS total! Now that’s some numbers I could get behind. Hopefully this rumor won’t stay one much longer, but either way keep watch at Platform Nation for any updates on the story.

Source: G4

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