Celebrate April Fool’s Day With A Slap Frozen Energy Freezer Burn

We know April Fool’s Day is a couple of weeks away yet, but we want to keep you up to date with not only a new product, but an awesome April Fool’s Day contest as well. First, I know you may never have heard of SLAP FROZEN ENERGY, but have no fear we will fix that right now.

About SLAP FROZEN Energy

Launching April 2012, SLAP FROZEN Energy is a new, one-of-a-kind frozen energy drink that has defined the standard of beverage innovation. The first and only non-alcoholic RTD beverage in a pouch, SLAP FROZEN Energy is a creation of Brain-Twist, Inc. and is available in Crisp Apple, Strawberry-Frost and Lemonade flavors. The FROZEN formulation is a blend of ingredients that prevents the drink from fully freezing and allows for a maintained slushy consistency, with the consumer simply needing to Freeze It, Squeeze It, and Get SLAP’d! The 10 oz. pouches will be sold in either the energy or freezer sections of major nationwide retailers including Wal-Mart® and Casey’s General Stores® for a competitive suggested retail price of $2.50. For further information, please visit, follow SLAP Frozen on Facebook at Slap Energy or on Twitter at @SlapEnergy.  Brain-Twist®, Inc. is also the creator of SLAP Energy, a lightly carbonated energy drink that comes in Crisp Apple and Frost Flavors.

Now for the information concerning the SLAP FROZEN ENERGY FREEZER BURN 2012 April Fool’s Day contest that kicks off on Thursday March 15th:

Freezer Burn 101:

Participants are encouraged to freeze something of their friend’s or family’s (e.g. car keys, credit card) as an April Fool’s Day Prank. Contestants will then capture the frozen item in a picture or video and upload to the Slap Energy Facebook page ( The most original “Freezer Burn” will be selected by the Brain-Twist team and awarded an all-inclusive stay for two at SnowVillageCanada, the ice village and resort in Montreal.

How to Enter:

No purchase necessary. On or about March 2012, the Host will promote the SLAP FROZEN ENERGY FREEZER BURN 2012 using the SLAP FROZEN social media
channels (Facebook / Twitter / websites) and launch announcements. Participants will have the option to participate by uploading images and/or videos of a frozen item that they have “Freezer Pranked” to the Slap Energy Facebook page.

One entry per household. Duplicate entries will be removed before official drawing.

There you go Platform Nation not only a fun contest but a new product that can help you get through the 2AM must push on so I can get to the next level attitude.

Be sure to checkout SLAP FROZEN Energy’s website, as well as follow them on Twitter and don’t forget to “Like” their Facebook page.

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