Pritect Sensor Cover For Kinect Review

Have you ever contemplated the thought that there just might be someone on the other side of the all seeing eye of your Kinect that now has a view into your household whenever your Xbox is online? To give you piece of mind, Catalyst Components has created the Pritect Sensor Cover for the Xbox 360 and Windows Kinect to help protect your hardware and guard your privacy from prying eyes. The Sensor Cover also serves to block the constant red light showing whenever your Kinect is plugged into your Xbox 360 or PC, which can be quite the distraction as you’re watching movies or television.

I’m fully aware that Microsoft has a disclaimer listed on their site and on the Xbox 360 dashboard itself that proclaims that while not using software, your Kinect will never be used to transmit any information back to their company, but part of me is still a skeptic. Now with the addition of the Kinect being used on Windows-based computers, the risk of hackers using your own hardware to spy on you is at an all-time high. While this does seem like a conspiracy theory, it is a very real possibly that just might be worth guarding against before it becomes an issue. For the very low price of $14.99, you’ll be able to be 100% sure that not a single unwanted person will be able to look into your home.

When opening the package, I immediately saw that the shiny black plastic of the Pritect Sensor Cover perfectly fit the aesthetic of my all black entertainment center. The Pritect Cover fits easily  over the Kinect and leaves a handy window that prominently shows of the Xbox 360 logo on the Kinect so it doesn’t look like you have some random plastic block on top of your TV. After putting it on my Kinect, I attempted to test Catalyst Component’s claims that you’ll still be able to utilize the Kinect’s mics for any games and it just so happens that I had Mass Effect 3 on hand. With ease, I was able to talk at a comfortable volume to toss out the commands and dialogue choices with little or no obstruction from the Pritect Sensor Cover.

Whether or not you believe there’s nefarious people or companies out there attempting to access the picture broadcasted by your Xbox/Windows Kinect, there is not a doubt that Catalyst Components holds true to its claims. For a low barrier of entry, you’ll be able to protect the Kinect’s optical lens from debris and dust, protect your privacy from advertisers and hackers, and obstruct the constant LED and infrared light that the system emits. You’ll also be able to take advantage of all the functionality of the voice commands for the Xbox Dashboard while still utilizing the protection that the Pritect Sensor Cover provides.

Since Catalyst Components has made true with all their claims of protection, it is really up to you to see whether their product fits your gaming and computing needs. While the Pritect Sensor Cover might not be for everyone, I can honestly say that it works perfectly for my own use of the Kinect as I find myself predominantly using the voice commands on a regular basis.


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  • Anonymous

    Great idea for dust cover and peace of mind we all pay for peace of mind