A Simple Question (With Recap): Psychonauts 2

There’s been some buzz around the on again, off again development for Psychonauts 2.  Notch (Markus Persson – Minecraft) initially stated he was interested in funding the game, only to find out the actual costs for such an endeavor were quite a bit more than he expected.  And so the gaming community who loved Psychonauts, and have been clamoring for a sequel, are once again wondering the fate of such a project.  Let’s be honest, though.  The only reason it hasn’t happened was because the first game was such a colossal retail failure, and was followed by an equally epic failure in Brutal Legend.  Since then, Double Fine has been content to stick to self publishing smaller titles.  What I want to know this week is:

Did you ever play Psychonauts, and would you want to play a sequel?

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I did back in the days of the original Xbox.  Psychonauts was one of those games that just clicked.  It was everything a 3D platformer could and should be.  It was funny, challenging, engaging, and creative.  It had memorable characters, a great story, and was just a blast to play.  I would love to play through the game again (and probably should), and certainly would love to play a sequel.

It’s a Recap week (we’re LONG overdue for this), so here are the responses to some of the ASQs we’ve had over the last few months:

PlayStation 3 Price Reduction [38 votes] (Is the PS3 now priced appropriately?): 76.3% said Yes.

Rezurrection [83 votes] (Is an all zombie map-pack worth the same $15 to you that previous Multi-player/Zombie map packs are worth?): 66.3% said Yes.

GameStop’s Deus Ex Debacle [105 votes] (Was GameStop within their rights to remove OnLive coupons from copies of Deus Ex?): 88.6% said No.

Dead Island [275 votes] (Did Dead Island’s well-received trailer set unrealistic expectations, and doom the actual game?): 62.5% said No.

Microsoft’s Metro UI [95 votes] (Do you think Microsoft’s new Metro UI will resonate with consumers?): 54.7% said Yes.

Gears Of War Exclusivity [65 votes] (Will the Gears of War franchise remain a Microsoft exclusive in the future?): 52.3% said Yes.

Collector’s Edition Games [21 votes] (What feature most appeals to you when purchasing a game’s Collector’s Edition?): 23.8% said Bonus minor physical item (Figurines, Cloth Maps, etc.).

Gears Of War 3 Week 1 Sales [14 votes] (Will Gears of War 3 by the only game to sell over 3 million copies on a single console in the first week in 2011?): 57.1% said No.

Hardcore Mode [55 votes] (Do you prefer playing a game in Normal mode or Hardcore mode?): 69.1% said Hardcore Mode.

Call Of Duty Or Battlefield? [127 votes] (Between Call of Duty and Battlefield, what franchise have you historically preferred, and what game are you looking forward to more this year?): 59.1% said I have preferred Call of Duty, and am looking forward to Modern Warfare 3 more.

Next week I’ll post the results of the next 10 ASQs (yes, we were that far behind!).  Feel free to drop a comment about either the results, or the question itself down below; we love hearing from you!

Source (for Psychonauts 2 information): Joystiq

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