The Legend Of Korra Begins April 14th (Or Earlier!)

The follow-up to the hit Nickelodeon show Avatar: The Last Airbender finally has a release date. The Legend of Korra airs on April 14th at 11:00 am on Nickelodeon. The release date was announced on Korra Nation, an official blog featuring exclusive content.

But wait! If The Legend of Korra receives 100,000 new ‘Likes’ on Facebook or shares on Twitter, the series will debut on March 24th, presumably on the Korra Nation site. Check out for more details.

Set years after the events of The Last Airbender, the series follows a young girl named Korra – the world’s new Avatar. As the Avatar, Korra can master the ability to ‘bend’ fire, water, earth, and air to give her incredible powers. Set in a thriving metropolis called Republic City, Korra must continue to master the four elements while facing the threat of an anti-bending revolution.

If you never saw the original Avatar series, you’ve got a month to hop on Netflix and watch the entire thing. Seriously, you won’t regret it. And if you only saw the M. Night Shyamalan film, erase it from your mind – it has no bearing on the quality of the original series.

With Game of Thrones returning in April and Legend of Korra starting up, television has a lot to be excited about. Check out this trailer for Legend of Korra now!

Source: Korra Nation

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