Inside Industry Source Reveals Elder Scrolls MMO In Production

Bethesda Studios

Bethesda has a delicious surprise for MMO and Elder Scrolls fans which will be officially announced in May, 2012.

What could be more intriguing to the RPG community than either a new Elder Scrolls installment or a secret Bethesda MMO?

A story about both, of course.

Devin Connors of the site reported yesterday that Tom’s spoke with “An industry source that wishes to remain anonymous.”  The source confirmed that Bethesda is making Elder Scrolls Online, and that it will take place a thousand years before Skyrim, which, Connors calculated, should be during the Second Era of the Elder Scrolls timeline.

Elder Scrolls Online will be officially announced in May, according to the anonymous source.  Both Bethesda and ZeniMax (who owns Bethesda) pled the fifth when prodded for comment by Tom’s.

If the size and scope of previous Elder Scrolls installments are any indication, we won’t have time for game, life, or The Game of Life once an Elder Scrolls MMO is released.  So if you have any remaining patches of blank life-slate left between your real world hobbies, Mass Effect 3, The Elder Scrolls V:  Skyrim, Star Wars:  The Old Republic, and, like me, your unaccountable desire to rehash old favorites (Legend of Mana, anyone?), you’re not gaming hard enough, you sorry excuse for a hero.  There are worlds that need saving.

For more secret news from the secret source, check out Connors’ article.


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