Game Of Thrones Trailer Shows Off Combat Mechanics And Classes

Fans of George R.R. Martin’s ridicoulsly epic A Song of Ice and Fire books and HBO’s adaptation, rejoice! Actual, tangible gameplay footage is surfacing of developer Atlus’ upcoming RPG based in the world of the books and TV show. They’ve announced you will be able to play as two characters in the game: Mors Westford (a man of the Night’s Watch), or Alester Sarwyck (a red priest). No matter what character you chose, however, you will be able to pick from three different classes, each class with the access to different weapons, armor, fighting style, and upgrades. The trailer below shows off the game’s “active-pause” system, which will look very familiar to any fans of Mass Effect. Check out the trailer for footage on all these things and more, and keep watch here at Platform Nation for more info on it as its release on May 15th draws nearer.

Source: G4tv

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