Bring The Video Games Live “Off The Grid” Tour To Your City

Video Games Live, the highly successful touring symphony that plays arrangements of video game music, is launching a new tour. The “Off The Grid” 2012/2013 tour is targeting lesser metropolitan areas for those who can’t always make the trip to major cities. Video Games Live also wants to know what cities they should add to the tour. On the official website, Video Games Live Creator/Executive Producer Tommy Tallarico elaborated on the idea behind touring in smaller areas.

“We continually receive thousands of e-mails a year from families and gamers who would love to experience our show, but find it hard to travel to major cities and have to deal with travel expenses, overnight stays, getting the kids out of school, etc. and we would like to try to accommodate as many people as possible to share in the experience.”

Video Games Live, which has been touring the world for the last seven years, seeks to bring lesser metropolitan cities the chance to catch the show. I saw the Seattle show back in 2009 and had a blast. Not only was the music fantastic, the show was filled with on-stage antics such as Solid Snake sneaking around in a box. It was a true celebration of gaming culture, rivalled locally only by PAX. Plus, it was fun.

To bring the Off The Grid tour to your city, the instructions are simple – join the Video Games Live Mailing List and include your city, state, and country information. You’re also instructed to include the games you would like to hear to create the set list for that show (the official site has a huge list of potential games). The top ten requested cities will be added to the 2012/2013 tour. The official site also revealed that each audience member of the ten chosen cities will receive a free poster, program and Video Games Live album download just for attending. Cool.

On reaching the audiences of smaller areas, Tallarico further explained, “Our goal from the beginning has always been to show the world how culturally significant and artistic video games have become. I wanted to create a show for everyone whether you’re a gamer or not.”

Bringing video game music to the masses, wherever they amass, is an admirable goal for the industry. Current tour dates are available on the official site with more to come. Demand the Off The Grid tour in your city now!


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