Darksiders II Meet The Team: Marvin Donald

THQSledgehammer (Mathew Everett) Darksiders II Community Manager was able to catch up with Darksiders II Game Director, Marvin Donald and ask him a few questions about his career as well as his favorite character from Darksiders II.

First here is the introduction provided by THQSledgehammer:

Welcome to the first of many “Meet the Team” pieces I will be creating to allow you to get to know the guys and gals working on Darksiders II. As many of you know it takes an army of talented developers to make a game but it then takes one person of each discipline to keep that army on task and reach the goal of going GOLD!

Take a look at all the questions THQSledgehammer had for Marvin Donald in its entirety on the Darksiders Community forums.

There you have it Platform Nation and Darksiders fans, some great question and this is one piece I will be looking forward to in the future. And rest assure when THQSledgehammer continues with the Meet the Team segments we will be sure to let you know when a new has been posted.
Be sure to visit the Darksiders Community forums on a regular basis to see what other Darksiders fans have to say as well as staying in the loop with all things Darksiders II.

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