Mass Effect 3 Face Import Bug To Be Patched

For players who have attempted to import a custom Shepard into Mass Effect 3 from Mass Effect 2, when the face in Mass Effect 2 had been imported from Mass Effect 1, this news means that finally you will be able to get your version of Commander Shepard back that you have been playing with all along. The bug in which you can’t use your ME1 custom face in ME3 was a huge shock to gamers when ME3 released as part of the Mass Effect experience is using your own version of Shepard.

It’s really disappointing that this bug existed and it really sucks that it was in the game in the first place, as many gamers have been left in a situation in which you have to try to rebuild the face of your Shepard, but unfortunately most of the time it was never perfect.  The fix for the bug will be rolled out in the “next patch” to the game whenever that may be.


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  • Glad to see something happening with this.   People forget that the foundation of the beginning screwed us just like the ending did. 

  • Rebsten

    I can’t say I’m impressed.  I admit I don’t know much about coding, but this seems like something they should have been able to offer a fix for on day one.  Hell, I’ve beaten ME3 on my main playthrough and have played through a full ME1 & 2 completionist run, and just imported my renegade last night into ME3.

    I can’t honestly believe they couldn’t put out a fix before this.  If they weren’t so busy rolling in beds of money they probably could have addressed this within hours of release, instead of months.  =/

    • Krazy XP

      But what makes it worse is that they will have known about the bug all along, it looks like they just hoped we would forget about it or not even notice. The patch hasn’t even been sent to MS/Sony for verification so they can’t of started on it until after the game launch. Taking into account that the game went gold a while before release, yeah it’s pretty shocking.

  • Fyreflyerush

    This is typical EA. Anyone who has played a several EA AAA titles will recognize the pattern. Not sure it matters anymore. I can’t see myself importing another Shepard for that ending. I guess I could play up until the Anderson/Shepard chat. The game is great until that point.