Risen 2: Dark Waters Trailer, Giant Sea Monsters Included

Risen 2: Dark Waters
is due to release next month on PC and late May on consoles, it is the sequel to the original Risen game and puts you in control of a hero in charge of seeking a remedy to get rid of some giant monstrous sea creatures that are interfering with shipping lines to your island. Pirates have a way of getting rid of the pesty monsters but they aren’t been too cooperative about it.

Risen 2: Dark Waters takes elements from the first Risen game and adds much more, such as the ability to use Firearms and gain additional skills known as Dirty Tricks,  allowing you to confuse or attack enemies in combat. From watching the trailer for Risen 2: Dark Waters for the first time, some of the monsters look really awesome. My favourite is the giant Kraken with crab tentacles. I will be checking this game out when it launches just to see the variety of monsters that I’ll be taking down.

Risen 2: Dark Waters is due for release on April 27th for PC, and May 25th on Xbox 360 and PS3. Check out the trailer below.


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