Rumor: Has Prey 2 Been Canceled?

Rumors have been spreading across the internet this weekend that Prey 2, the ambitious and awesome-looking sequel to one of the Xbox 360’s launch games, Prey, has been cancelled. PSFocus, a Dutch gaming and news site, released the rumor-filled story, claiming it’s truth and that sources close to the project revealed its cancellation, and plan to give an official announcement on the topic sometime next week. It’s probably also equally negative that the game’s publisher, Zenimax, pulled everything Prey 2 related, like panels and showing off the game, from GDC (see twitter excerpt below).

I was looking at this game as not only a sequel to Prey (a game I highly enjoyed, mostly for the creeped-out story), but as a spiritual successor to Mirror’s Edge, with all its open-world parkouring and gunplay. But now it looks as if Prey 2  is becoming as unlikely as a Mirror’s Edge 2. Until an official announcement is made, keep a watch here at Platform Nation for all your Prey 2-related news and announcements. And hopefully not cancellations.

Source: IGN

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