Silent Hill: Book Of Memories Delayed Until May

Silent Hill: Book of Memories
was originally slated to be released on March 27th, but according to the listings on Amazon and Gamefly, the release date has now been pushed to May 31st. This will be just enough time for you to have a quick break from Silent Hill games as Silent Hill: Downpour has only just been released and that is joined by the Silent Hill HD Collecton which also releases this month.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories is the first Silent Hill game to hit the PlayStation Vita. Book of Memories is a spin-off from the main games and is exclusive to PlayStation Vita, it features some returning creatures from the main games and looks like it follows the same gameplay elements as the console games, running around confused and scared.

Konami still haven’t officially confirmed this news yet, but it seems pretty clear from the retailer listings that the delay is happening. Keep your eye out for Silent Hill: Book of Memories on May 31st.


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