Grand Theft Auto V Multiplayer Details

Rockstar recently announced that Grand Theft Auto V, alongside other future games, will be connected  to Max Payne 3’s multiplayer “crew” system. Crews basically are groups of players you can join up via Rockstar’s Social Club. There will be two types of crews: private crews for you and your friends to create and customize, and public crews open to everyone.

Joining crews will have benefits both in-game and out. Things like avenging a fallen crew member or killing a rival during a feud will earn you XP bonuses. As a casual player, this will make it easy to quickly reap at least some of the benefits of being in a crew. There will be no member caps on public crews, so thousands of players across the world can join the same crew. Private Crews will provide an exclusive group experience for players that want to take it to the next level.

The Vendetta feature will allow a player, after being killed twice, to place a vendetta on that player to let everyone know you’re out to get that person. While playing any team based mode, if you spot two or more members of a crew you’re feuding with on the opposite team, any kills you get against them will count to the overall feud, so rivalries will spring up automatically. This will lead to impromptu skirmishes unleashing a first-to-ten kills battle either between just you and another player or a group of players.

For you stat keepers, don’t worry. The Social Club integration keep stats of who you’re feuding with, how long you’ve been feuding, and various other details that will add to depth and meaning.  It looks like Rockstar has stepped their game up tremendously and will set the standard for a more in depth online experience.  After hearing details on just how in depth they’ve went with this, I for one look forward to both of these games later this year.


Source(s): IGN (Max Payne 3; Grand Theft Auto V)

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