Microsoft Patents Projector Headset

New video game system, check.  New game to go with that system, check.  New TV to display that bad boy on; wait hold on what’s this?  Gamers have spent countless hours standing in front of televisions in their favorite electronic aisles and stores.  If new developments suggest anything, add a projector headset to that rack.

Patent Bolt has supposedly dug up plans for two types of projector eyewear filed by Microsoft back in 2010. One pair looks like sunglasses and will in theory, be used for smartphones and other handheld devices.  A heftier helmet version would be designed for Microsoft’s home gaming consoles. Picture Proof, courtesy of Patent Bolt:

The headsets,supposedly, will be able to create 16:9 ratio images that will appear to the wearer as a 21-inch display being viewed at arm’s length. The eyewear could also potentially be used to create stereoscopic 3D images, and the lenses can still be transparent, allowing for augmented reality applications.

Still not believing me? Visit Patent Bolt yourself and read the full report and patent details. So, before anyone else asks you; seriously, how many of you will be rocking this if it’s truly developed?

Source(s): Patent Bolt ; GameInformer 

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