New DiRT Showdown Trailer Details New Modes

The DiRT series has made a transition from its first entry to the most recent title, DiRT 3. What was once a pure rally game has morphed into a  X-Games and Monster Energy promotion with gymkhana drifting and cardboard aliens to smash in free-for-all multiplayer events. But dont get me wrong, I still love the games and the additions, while not in the original vision of the series, are done very well.

Codemasters noticed that these new modes, such as gymkhana, were very popular among players, almost to the point of overtaking the rally racing. For that reason they decided to make a spin-off of their popular franchise. DiRT Showdown takes all the insane game modes and turns them up a notch. A new trailer released by Codemasters shows a bit more of what we will see in Showdown, detailing the new destruction derby-esque modes.


The grunge dial has been turned up a bit too much for me, and I hope they flesh out the available features a bit more. Invasion and Outbreak from DiRT 3 were tons of fun and I hope these are also being included in DiRT Showdown, but so far no hints of them have appeared. Fans also have seem to forgotten that DiRT 4, which will be another traditional entry in the series, is also on its way. The new trailer has attracted the ire of some fans who dont like the new direction the game has taken, but rest assured, we will get our next stage-based game soon enough.

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