Project CARS Raises Over $750,000 From Fans

Slightly Mad Studios has been working on Project CARS for a few years now, funding it in part with their fans help through their World of Mass Development platform (WMD). WMD is similar to KickStarter, allowing fans to back the project and in return receive beta builds of the game and the ability to give their input on the games development, though in a much more structured way.

Since they began the project they have released countless weekly builds, just a few days ago Build 179 was released, adding two scenic point-to-point tracks to the quickly expanding amount of content. Just recently Slightly Mad Studios announced that they have raised over half a million Euros through the crowd-sourced WMD platform. Today the total stands at 577,000€, or $750,000.

I jumped into Project CARS a few months ago and have been really pleased with the progress made so far. The physics are developing well and the graphics are just beautiful (if not a bit shiny). Head over to the project page to sign up and join over 40,000 other members currently enjoying weekly beta releases.

Crowd Funding Development Platform “World Of Mass Development” Successfully Underway

More than half a million Euros raised for racing project C.A.R.S. since launch in October 2011

London, March 23, 2012: Slightly Mad Studios today announced that its innovative crowd funded development platform “World Of Mass Development” is running successfully. The first title, with a working title of Project C.A.R.S., has raised already more than half a million Euros since launch in October 2011.

The WMD platform, hosted at, enables gamers to contribute directly to the development of upcoming titles, as well as giving them an in depth appreciation of the game creation process. As well as enjoying the game as it is being built, they are also rewarded for their contribution by earning a share of any profit each game makes.

More than forty thousand members have already signed up for Project C.A.R.S. at WMD, becoming part of the game development process and helping to make it the best racing simulation ever created.

“It’s great to see our WMP portal performing well. It’s nothing less than a revolutionary new approach to game development and funding. It allows developers to make the game they want to make, without undue publisher pressure. The concept of WMD allows developers to submit design ideas to an active gaming community, raise the funds needed to develop them, and get continual feedback from community team members that test work-in-progress builds. They can also use the WMD Portal to promote their project, get help from other developers, and ultimately successfully launch their game,” said Ian Bell, CEO of Slightly Mad Studios.

SMS Development Director Andy Garton continued: “The new platform allows players to browse available projects and join those they are interested in. They then get to download and play regular builds of each game, as well as participating in game design discussions and the decision making process. They speak directly to the developers, and eventually earn financial rewards for their contribution when the game is released. WMD is therefore a unique prospect for both developers looking to raise funds for their projects and gamers that want to get involved in the exciting process of game development.”

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