Pinball Arcade Coming To Xbox Live Arcade On April 4th

Farsight Studios’ upcoming Pinball game “Pinball Arcade” will be coming to Xbox Live Arcade on April 4th, the company announced just a few hours ago. The game debuted a few months ago on iOS and Android and has provided amazing simulation for a selection of authentic pinball tables. Utilizing the knowledge and skill Farsight gained developing Williams Pinball Collection in 2009, Pinball Arcade provides upgraded graphics and physics for an even more amazing arcade experience.

Pinball Arcade will release on XBLA on April 4th for 800MSP ($10) with a handful of authentic pinball tables, like Arabian Knights and Black Hole. Future DLC support is planned with a good list of tables confirmed to be on their way and more licenses being negotiated in the future. Crave, the games publisher, and Microsoft decided to push the game back a bit from its planned release this week in order to improve its placement on dashboard advertising.

I have been an avid fan of Zen Studios and their pinball games for Xbox 360 and PS3, but The Williams Pinball Collection is simply the best modern pinball game out now. Pinball Arcade has gotten over a million downloads since its release on mobile platforms earlier this year, hopefully the same success will be reproduced on the home consoles. Releases for PC and PS3 are planned, but firm dates are not available yet.

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  • Erferw

     PinballFx2  is the most downloaded game on  XBLA , Now there’s big interest on this new pinball simulation. It’s pinball time! 😉

  • Hope the fixed the floaty physics and lack of ball spin from Williams Collection.

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