Earthworm Jim Coming To A Groovy DVD Set

Sonic the Hedgehog had a cartoon that still reverberates to this day in the comic book. Megaman had a cartoon that most people have tried their best to forget. Busby the Bobcat had a cartoon pilot that’s best left forgotten. Somewhere in the middle, Earthworm Jim had two seasons of a cartoon, running for 23 episodes and including elements from the first two games.

If you’ve been wanting to remember that forgotten bit of animation, Canada’s VEI will be releasing Earthworm Jim: Complete Series in a 3-disc set. Priced at $24.98 SRP (so, probably cheaper on shelves), it’ll be available in both USA and Canada. There’s no release date yet, but there is early box art. With 23 episodes on three discs, don’t expect there to be tons of special features.

It’s also not the only worm-related news this week.

Source: TV Shows On DVD

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