Maxim Seeking Sexy Gamer Girl, No Gaming Expertise Necessary

Are you a video games enthusiast?  Do you pee sitting down?  Have you ever gazed at the women baring their skin and selling their souls across the greasy sheets of Maxim and wished that were you?

If so, you might consider using the money you had socked away for the Blu-Ray Pokémon Collection to buy some fresh lingerie or a low-cut Chun Li outfit,

tiny Chun Li
We’re pretty sure with an outfit like that, she can’t lose.

because Maxim just announced that it will hold a Gamer Girl Casting Call next week.  Starting April 2nd, gaming females are encouraged to apply online at  Or, if you’re fortunate enough to live in the NYC area and not work a day job (wait, did we say fortunate?), you can apply in person on Thursday April 5th from 11am-4pm at 21st Street Games Lobby.

It is not yet clear what the Maxim Gamer Girl’s exact responsibilities will include, although we suspect gaming will be minimally involved.  Clearly Maxim is hoping that all the overly-sexed women featured in games have lowered female gamers’ self-esteem to a level so base, we won’t mind broadcasting to the world that even intelligent women like those in the gaming community seek self-worth by bludgeoning everybody with our sexuality.

Source: Maxim.

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