Return To The Era Of Sega Ages

Alex Kidd was Sonic before Sonic was around. Shinobi sliced bad guys apart, and destroyed gamers as well. Players used to have to Hang-On to physical bikes at the arcade. Wonder Boy was the original parody game franchise.

Sega may not be doing too much with these franchises nowadays, but they see the value in them. Bringing back the Sega Ages concept of revamping classic titles with new activities, six titles will be released for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. For the former, they’ll be bundled in three-packs for 800 MS Points, and for the latter, each will sell for 600 yen. Each title includes achievements, new trial modes, juke boxes, and the like.

The six titles (split into two bundles for Microsoft) include

  • Alex Kidd in Miracle World
  • The Super Shinobi
  • Super Hang-On
  • Wonder Boy: Monster Land
  • Wonder Boy V: Monster World III
  • Monster World IV
Looks like a good way to try some classic titles out.
Source: andriasang

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