Scott Pilgrim VS. Black And White? Hardcover And Color Future

Scott Pilgrim VS. The World was possibly the best video game movie. It got the vibe of video games down, made references that weren’t out of place, and had fun with the medium. The thing to remember is that the movie wasn’t based on Scott Pilgrim VS. The World: The Game, it was based off the six-volume comic book by Bryan Lee O’Malley. These six black and white original books are getting a bit of a facelift.

Newly colored by Nathan Fairbairn, the six volumes will be in hardcover. Additionally, O’Malley will be doing a few touch-ups on the art. Retailing for $24.99, the first volume will hit on August 8th. The second will follow in October, and they’ll release two a year after that. Therefore, the series will finish 2014 and run readers about $150 at the end of the day. In larger size, the black and white versions will still be around for those preferring the more authentic or cheaper version.

Looks like it’ll be a new way to enjoy the modern classic.

Source: Comic Book Resources

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