BioShock 2 Now Available On Mac

BioShock 2
is now available to play on your Mac. I don’t own any kind of Mac computer, but having to wait over two years to play such an awesome game would get on my nerves just a little bit.

BioShock 2 released in February 2010 and was met with really great reviews. The sequel to the fantastic BioShock puts you in the giant metal boots of one of the Big Daddy’s that are roaming the underwater hell known as Rapture. You will face some horrible situations and have to fight off plenty of enemies, the worst being the Big Sister (pictured above). If you want to know if the game is worth buying, check out Platform Nation’s Single Player and Multiplayer reviews for the game.

You can download BioShock 2 on Mac from the usual spots including the Mac App Store and the Feral Interactive store. Alternatively you can pick the game up for equally cheap if you own an Xbox 360, PS3 or a PC.


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