Epic Mickey 2 Gets Release Date In Europe, PC And Mac Versions Also Coming?

Epic Mickey 2 has finally been given a release date.. in the Europe at least.

Epic Mickey 2 will be hitting European store shelves on September 26th and I’m sure that the North American date will be around that time because I can’t imagine Europe getting the game too long after NA. September puts the release of the game right in the centre of some other big releases, especially for the main two consoles so I’m interested to see how the game does.

Another report this week shows that in addition to the announced Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii, the game might also be hitting PC and Mac around the same time too. According to GameSpy, during a London preview event, a Junction Point representative mentioned that PC and Mac versions were planned. I guess we can wait and see if Disney announce these additional platforms sometime soon.

Epic Mickey 2 is due for release in Europe on September 26th on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii. Stay tuned to Platform Nation for more information on the game as it rolls out.


Source: GameSpy, Destructoid

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