Skullgirls Start Fighting On Xbox Live April 11th

Sure, it may be April Fools Day, but this seems to be true. If not, it’d be disappointing, as Skullgirls is one of the most hotly-anticipated fighting games of the year. Right before Arcade Next kicks off the following week with Trials Evolution (and two days before Fez releases on the console), Skullgirls will see release on Xbox Live. April 11th will see the title release for 1200 MS Points.

PlayStation 3? While the title will be the comparable $14.99, the date is undecided. Reverge Labs hopes to have the game out April 10th, but can’t be sure due to Sony’s submission policy. With eight characters at launch, additional will be released via DLC. It’s a small army compared to titles like Street Fighter X Tekken, but the game has a much smaller production crew and budget. Hopefully, this model of having less cooks in the kitchen will produce a better title.

Are you ready to knock some little girls around, in a safe and fun manner?

Source: Shoryuken

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