Toonami Returns With A Mass Effect 3 Review

If you’ve never heard of Toonami, you missed out on one of the greatest animation blocks around. From 1997 to 2008, Cartoon Network bundled the best of action cartoons together, and for most of that run, TOM hosted the block. Beyond hosting shows, he had his own adventures, but played video games, and regularly reviewed them. He also raced Jak from Jak and Daxter, and a show made for Toonami, IGPX, got it’s own game for the PlayStation 2.

For April Fool’s Day, Adult Swim decided to resurrect the block. For six hours starting at midnight on April 1st, Cartoon Network aired Toonami mainstays Dragonball Z, The Big O, Gigantor, Yu Yu HakushoOutlaw Star, Blue Submarine No. 6, Gundam Wing, Tenchi Muyo, and inducted the original Astro Boy, Trigun, and Bleach into the block’s legacy. To add a bit of traditional flair to the interstitals, TOM reviewed Mass Effect 3. The review reminds all of those who loved the old block what Toonami did; giving substance to interstitials.

I was blown away. Were you lucky enough to catch the block?

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  • Irving Aero

    Dude, this made my night last night! Bring Yu Yu Hakusho and DBZ back and i will be happy with life man. 

  • Cobaltsoldier9

    more toonami now

  • Anglewingo

    I hope they bring it back!!! It’s funny as an April fools joke but it would be awesome if they actualy brought back toonami and Tom!!! PLEASE BRING IT BACK AND SHOW THE WORLD HOW GREAT OLD TV IS!!!☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

  • Theawesomehuntsman


  • Gundamreek

    Make it know that we want Toonami back!

  • UnholyCharles

    This I must say even though it was April Fool’s Day somewhere in the commercials I heard Tom say that you could catch this show on Toonami next Saturday. Could someone please check and see if Im not going crazy I know it was on April Fool’s Day but, still it may be a good lead someone please post where he says it or a link to all the shows that Tom show’d that night.

  • Wingfield

    I’m so bummed…. Didn’t even think about it being an April fools day gag. It brought back so many memories… All of tom’s snarky remarks, the reviews… Bring back toonami!!!!!

  • IUseCaptainAmerica

    Faith in cartoons…. slightly restored (only when toonami returns will it fully be restored)

  • Kyle W.

    I remember the days when I would come home from school and watch toonami every single day. Then it got pushed to weekends, eventually it subsequently died off. So please bring this back so we don’t have to wait until saturday to see some anime

  • Laura

    no sailor moon; not really toonami

    •  Licensing prevents Sailor Moon from returning. Thank Toei for that.

  • dbz

    dude if they were smart they would actually bring this back, because the internet was blowing up when this happened

  • Dbailon707

    i was soooooo happywhen i randomly came across toonami. it was like being 14 again

  • DMGB

    Where was Sailor Moon??

  • Frankmir255

    Seriously whats wrong with cartoonnetwork are they retarted business wis or what if they show toonami the views will dramitacally skyrocket man this is why nobody watches cn anymore because they took all the good stuff out that babbling idiots with their disgusting reality shows

    • Realn

      Hell yea bro ur totally right cartoon network is just bullshit now

  • Ninninja

    toonami was the best thing the channel had man if they bring it back their ratings would skyrocket

  • Paul Apostolides

    I it made my night on Saturday April 1,2012. It was my childhood T.V. program.

  • Asurasur

    Perhaps a sign of things to come? Dare to dream.

  • man toonami came back on that night. they REALLY need to bring it back though for real. toonami WAS cartoon network. they need to put Toonami on saturday midnight anyway cause a bunch of anime is on during that time

  • Chickadee

    Haha I still remember when they had Boomerang. 

  • kirk

    come to think of it toonami did have a different look than the last time it was one why would they resurrect it for one night only maybe they wanted to see how many people would watch maybe it will come back

  • Nathan

    Thats bullshit of all te years they had to pick this year to fuck with people about toonami why can’t adult swim just make it for friday night and reruns on Saturday night

  • Spiderman_peterparker

    I MISSED IT!!!!! >:(((((

  • #BringBackToonami people are talking about Toonami once more  spread the word on twitter , adult swim WANTS IT , SO DO WE , SUPPORT THIS MOVEMENT BRING BACK TOONAMI!

  • Nathan

    Someone should buy toonami

  • JFS – IV

    Says that Toonami is going to Relaunch: April 7, 2012

    I Hope To God That Its True