Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet PC To Include DLC

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
launched last year on Xbox Live Arcade and got plenty of great reviews. Some aspects of the game such as the variety of sections and the unique art style were welcomed by gamers. Even the difficulty of the game was an interesting challenge for gamers to face, especially the deadly “Lantern Run”.

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet is going to hit PC at some point soon. No specific date has been given, but two developers of the game have stated that the game is “ready to go”. The game will be hitting the Steam service first and will include the DLC released for the console version of the game called “Shadow Hunters”. Further information was given about the game, such as the full keyboard and mouse control that you’ll be able to make use of.

Keep your eye out for Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet on PC.. eventually.

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