THQ Faces More Hard Decisions

THQ has produced some pretty amazing content recently, so it is with a heavy heart that I report on their dire straits.

First, THQ had a Warhammer MMO, Dark Millennium , in the works — had. While the initial reports stated that the game had been cancelled, it seems that the truth of the matter isn’t quite that bad. Dark Millennium is still under development, but the MMO portion has been dropped; from here on out, Dark Millennium will be a single-player game with a [much less massive] multiplayer element. Sad, yes, but things could be worse…

…and they are. THQ went on to announce over a hundred layoffs from both Relic Entertainment (39 employees) and Vigil Games (79 employees). After the 240 layoffs back in February, one has to wonder how many people are left to keep THQ afloat. Maybe Darksiders 2 can do something to help rejuvenate the company and undo some of the current damage.

Source: GiantBomb

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