Xbox 360 Gains Chrome-Plated Controllers

Chances are, you have a variety of Xbox 360 controllers. One of the original ones with USB connections for when you don’t have batteries, a FightPad for fighting games, but your wireless controller stands out for regular use. You upgraded to the transforming D-Pad in it’s silver/gray color scheme, but you can always use a new controller to. Depending on how rough you handle your controllers, it might be time to upgrade anyway.

Microsoft’s announced a new series of the special D-Pad controllers. Coming in silver, red, and blue chrome, they’ll retail for $54.99 mid-May. The colors will apparently vary by region, but chances are you won’t have too much trouble finding the one you want. I’d go for silver or blue, myself.

No mention if they include a rechargeable battery.

Source: Major Nelson

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