A Simple Question: Rock Band Blitz

The folks over at Harmonix have let the cat out of the bag.  G4TV’s X-Play had exclusive coverage of the announcement, where gameplay was shown off, and several features were covered.  Let’s put the trailer video here for you to take a peek at:

As you can see, some of the features include being able to use your existing Rock Band library in the game, the ability to export the included tracks for this game into Rock Band 3, and not needing instruments to play. The game will likely have a large presence at PAX East (and yours truly will do his best to get coverage of it), so expect more information about this game as we approach the weekend.

The 5 songs that are known to be in the game include:

  • Blink 182 – Always
  • Foster the People – Pumped Up Kicks
  • Great White – Once Bitten, Twice Shy
  • Quiet Riot – Metal Health
  • Rick Springfield – Jessie’s Girl

What I want to know is:

Will you be buying Rock Band Blitz?

I went back and forth with adding qualifiers to WHY you would be buying it, but decided that’s what the comments for.  So it doesn’t matter if you’d be buying blitz to actually play the game, or buying it just to get the 25 songs for Rock Band 3 for no more than $20 (which, by itself, is a steal), or not buying it because you own a Wii.  I am intrigued by the concept, though a little bummed that it is single player only.  I will be purchasing the game, and plan on actually playing it.  I see it as a great opportunity to play some of the songs that I don’t get a chance to in Rock Band 3 for various reasons.  I think this is a smart move to get a wider audience exposed to Rock Band, and get them used to the concept of adding songs through DLC.  I do hope that they have not moved completely away from the traditional Rock Band game forever, but I can appreciate the fact that they are finding new ways to utilize the massive library they have at their disposal.

What do you think?  Vote above, and let us know below!

Source: G4TV (Rock Band Blitz Announcement), RockBandAide (Song List)

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  • You know I’m getting it! 

  • Billyabc123

    This game looks awesome! I’m definitely buying this! I hope we find out the whole set list soon.

  • chefhines

    looking forward to it simply for more dlc for rb3, im disappointed that it is single player only. My question is with having bought every single dlc song for rb3 i ran into having to move several hundred songs onto memory sticks, probably never to be seen again:( due to the stupid limit they put in game as to how many songs you can have…will i be able to somehow use these songs again into Blitz game play?