New Viper Coming To Forza 4

Today the new SRT Viper was revealed at the New York Auto Show. Also revealed at the press conference is that the car will be coming to Forza Motorsport 4. Turn 10 has released a teaser and a few images showing off the 2013 SRT Viper, which boasts 640hp and a massive 600ft/lbs of torque.

Unfortunately specific details are slim at the moment. The release date is simply pegged as “this summer”, and it’s not mentioned what versions of the new Viper will be featured in the game. For those in the know there are three versions of the new car; the SRT Viper, the SRT Viper GTS, and the American LeMans (ALMS) Viper race car. Turn 10’s post mentions that it is a “Viper Pack”, so we know we are getting at least two cars. Eagle-eyed poster “Scr0ne” on Turn10’s official forums spotted a mention of the ALMS car in Forza 4, so it looks pretty likely that we will be getting that as well as the street version.

As far as price goes, that’s yet to be determined. The only other specific car pack to come out for Forza 4, the Hyundai Veloster Pack, was free, so hopefully that is an indication of the Viper Packs’ pricing. We also know that the car(s) will be explorable in AutoVista mode, but its unlikely that Jeremy Clarkson’s cheeky commentary will join.

Not only is this a great announcement for american supercar fans, but for Forza DLC fans. The recently released April Alpinestars Pack marked the 6th and final pack to come out under the Season Pass. Turn 10 has the Porsche pack coming out in May, but besides that they made no announcements about whether other DLC for Forza 4 would continue following the Season Pass run. This shows that Turn 10 is stil pursing additional content for Forza 4, and hopefully isn’t the last addition we see.

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